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  1. Sadly Andy, all those things are true, having said that, perhaps the impact of primary CS has not yet fully come to fruition.
    Most year 7 intakes are certainly more digitally literate, than 5 years ago – but much ICT/Computing at KS3 is still being delivered by teachers who are not totally comfortable with it and who may not have an overview.
    I do not understand why trainee numbers are so diminished. Perhaps we need more collaboration at a higher education level between Computing and Education departments?
    Ed de Quincey at Keele runs the UAS module, which does seem to have encouraged some CS graduates to do PGCE.
    CAS has done wonders for staff training, resources and morale .

  2. Thanks Val
    yes we are seeing impact in primary schools, but, as you say, we don’t have the expert teachers in KS3 because these rare people are needed for KS4, so we are not moving these pupils on enough. CAS is helping, but we have a lot more CPD needed than they can manage at the moment. We run the risk, as in the past, of KS3 becoming boring for the pupils and switching them off the subject.
    Teaching per se has taken such a bashing by successive governments and the media that making computing teaching attractive is a real challenge. National applications across all teaching courses (all subjects/phases) are down over 40 this year, after falls in previous years. Making teaching more attractive needs a huge culture shift and must be led by Govt. More links between undergrad Computing departments and ITE can only be a good thing.

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