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The EdTech Strategy – opportunity or missed opportunity? — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Andy….The new DfE EdTech strategy is a huge disappointment with an ideologically restrictive definition and does not mention learning or learners. My biggest fear is that it does not even recognise the creative use of technology we currently see in our schools and colleges. The new lower bar may tempt schools and colleges to “power down” in fact?
    In all honesty I would rather trust the teachers and learners than this regressive intervention

  2. Got to agree Bob. No learning and, though it does mention teaching, there is no mention of pedagogy. We know that without the right pedagogy, even with potentially exciting new hardware and software, what we to often get is more of the same, rather than the innovation and creativity EdTech can provide for our learners. Remember whiteboards? Interactive with the learner, exciting, opening up new horizons? Or just screens for showing dull slideshows?
    If the government is serious about supporting schools with technology, what we really need is proper investment in CPD to give more teachers the pedagogical confidence to use EdTech effectively to support learners.

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