Christina Preston

Christina is a Professor of Educational Innovation at the University of Bedfordshire and the founder of the MirandaNet Fellowship in 1992, an international professional organisation of policy makers, educators, developers and researchers. She is also Chair of Trustees of the World Ecitizens charity established by the MirandaNet Fellows in 2002 after the events of 9/11 in New York.

She designs and directs management of change projects with school clusters and region using digital technologies as a catalyst and designs and runs courses for teachers based on research findings about what works best for practitioners and senior managers. She has designed, developed and delivered innovative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes with associate members in Czech Republic, China, India, England, Mexico and South Africa. Research projects funded by Becta, the TDA, the DfE and the EU, as well as international universities and governments have been published widely. Key research successes have been: the development of innovative multimodal research methodologies using concept mapping; new designs for Masters modules and their multimodal accreditation; the development of new modes of knowledge sharing within the profession in communities of practice.