LogosITTE was a partner in the JISC/HEA Open Educational Resources project, Digital Literacy and Creativity led by the University of Bedfordshire and Core Education UK.

As a result of this collaboration eleven resources were produced to support a postgraduate level course on the use of OER in Higher Education. (Note: You will need to register, but it is free for anyone to do so and then you will be able to access the ‘Online Communities for Educators’ website.)

1. Introduction to Digital Literacy by Alison Hramiak

2. Using digital literacy to support teaching and learning in HE by Alison Hramiak

3. Assessment by Helen Boulton

4. Feedback by Helen Boulton

5. E-Tools by Sharon Tonner

6. E-Assessment by Sharon Tonner

7. Finding, selecting and using OERs by Mirandanet

8. E-Tools for teaching and learning by Mirandanet

9. Professional development and researching with OERs by Mirandanet

10. Working in a collaborative environment by Mirandanet

11. Digital wisdom by Andrew Csizmadia