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An important factor in learning is that you are aware that you have learnt something. For lower ability learners this may need a scaffolding structure and it is this need that these resources were set out to address.

Created by the BCS Teacher Education Working Group and the Lewisham LA team the initial focus was on supporting the original KS3 ICT Strategy units but this was then extended into other key stages by the Lewisham team.

Although no teachers should still be using the units as originally published, the format and ideas represented in the KS3 diaries are still pedagogically appropriate. The KS4 project diary is still probably useable as it stands and the KS2 diaries could give a focus to ICT work in upper primary.

Thanks to Gill Edwards for locating a full set of these resources following the demise of the Lewisham web site. The rationale for use is also included in the bundle of materials.

You are free to download and adapt but it might be nice if you could let others know how you are using them. I have been recommending learning diaries to my ICT trainees as a tool for use in lesson plenaries.

Neil Stanley

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