ITTE Privacy Notice
draft v1

Using your personal information

ITTE is a membership organisation and will use the personal information which you supply to provide membership benefits, for example:

    • to contact you about your membership and renewal
    • so that you receive the ITTE newsletter and journal
    • to enable you to communicate with other members through the ITTE email list
    • to provide access to members’ pages of our website


At any time, members can opt out of receiving the newsletter or journal and can choose not to be included on the email list or have website access. There are links to unsubscribe on every newsletter or you can email

Non-members who have opted to receive our newsletter will only have their details used for that purpose.

We will only share your information with other organisations in order to provide membership services. For example, we will share your name and address with our publisher so that they can post copies of our journal to you and we share your email address with the publisher of our electronic newsletter.

ITTE takes your privacy seriously. For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary: