West Downs 9
Chair: Terry Freedman
Time 9.35 – 10.35

Mathematics teachers today face a kaleidoscope of software and hardware options that is sadly leading the majority to use none of it. Furthermore serious lack of training and the complicated use of some open-source titles are leading a whole generation of students to miss out on the educational benefits of digital resources in their Mathematics. Mathematics teachers use ICT more intensely than other subjects, so it is vital that any school-wide solution takes this into account – in particular it is quite common, and far from ideal, to force a mathematics department to use only tablets.


After 30 years of teaching secondary mathematics Douglas now concentrates on helping teachers make the most of technology through the popular TSM workshops, both here in the UK and abroad.

His other preoccupation is managing the development team for Autograph mathematics software, and supporting the thousands of users around the world. An exciting new version 4 was launched in February 2018. www.autograph-maths.com