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Enquiries: contact the membership secretary at
To apply for membership use the application form
Either return a printed copy to: Or email as attachment to
Membership Secretary
27 Old Gloucester Street

 Benefits of Membership

Membership of ITTE includes:

  • Membership of the ITTE mailbase
  • Copies of the ITTE Newsletters (3 issues per year)
  • Three editions annually (per organisation) of TPE (The ITTE Journal)
  • Member rates for attending ITTE conferences
  • Access to interest group meetings
  • Access to members only pages on the ITTE website
  • The support of ITTE in campaigning on behalf of its members


Who can join?

Membership is open to those involved in:

  • initial teacher education
  • continuing professional development of teachers
  • independent educational consultants
  • researchers of ICT in education
  • ICT teacher education overseas

In addition, people who were members, either individually or through their institution, but have since retired may join as retired members.

Categories of membership

There is a range of membership options. The primary category is institutional membership, which covers all staff within a teacher education institution (whether school or HE based), but individual and corporate members are also welcome. There is also a category for individuals who were either an institutional or individual member but have since retired. Honorary membership is decided by the membership who have an option each year to reward an individual who has made a substantial and sustained contribution to ITTE. The ITTE Committee may, at its discretion, provide temporary membership to an individual who is working on behalf of the association and needs ready access to members for that work.

The table below sets out the current membership fees and benefits by category.

AGM/EGM voting rights*
Member discounts
Member only areas of ITTE website

Email list

Institutional £80 Yes 1 collective vote Yes Copy for each member of staff on the ITTE email list 1 copy Yes Yes
Individual  £40 Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 copy Yes Yes
Corporate £100 Yes No Yes Yes 1 copy Yes Yes
Retired £10 Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Honorary n/a Yes No Yes Option Option Yes Yes
Temporary n/a Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes

*Only one collective vote is allowed per institution represented by the membership. Individual members in a member institution may contribute to the institutional collective vote.

A school-based consortium wishing to join ITTE may do so as an institutional member.