Honorary Membership Awards 2016


David Longman

David has been a valued member of the ITTE community and has made a huge contribution to the association over the years. He has been a long standing member of the ITTE Executive Committee and supported the work of ITTE in a number of different roles. Over the years, David has been a regular contributor to ITTE conferences and played a major role supporting new members of the association through the New Tutors scheme.

Most recently, he has been responsible for managing the transition of the ITTE website to a new WordPress site and setting up new email distribution lists. David will be sadly missed from the Committee because of his wealth of experience over the many years that he has been an active member of the association.

Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher, Assistant Professor at Nottingham University, has been a long standing and active member, and Chair, of ITTE.  He has been managing the distribution lists for ITTE for many years.  Tony has supported, attended and presented at many of our conferences and Research conferences.  Tony has also been active in the development of ITTE’s journal, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, and is a member of the Editorial Board.

As an ITTE member, Tony held a deep interest in teaching and learning which informed his interest in computers, as well and his commitment to developing the ITTE community.  Tony’s support in facilitating the national online email discussion forum has continued until 2016.  This discussion email has provided members with a valuable professional space for informed dialogue and has been much appreciated by all ITTE members.