Focus: Developing Awareness of a range of Web 2.0 Technologies and how to use them in the classroom.

Developed by Staff and Trainee Teachers at Nottingham Trent University, working together with teachers from:

  • The National Academy School
  • Djanogly City Academy School
  • The Nottingham Academy
  • Nottingham Bluecoat School
  • English Martyrs School

CPDAs part of an ongoing evaluation of these resources please forward any comments to  We would also be very keen to hear how you have used the resources and to receive photos and short text on CPD events where you have used these resources.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the NTU team (Dr Helen Boulton (Project Lead), Rachael Smith, Kate Buttler and David Chaplain) the trainee teachers (Jinder Mahal, Rosie Hall, Shabana Majid, Lee Edwards, Marie Bauder, Naomi Patrick, and Amy Emerson) and the teachers (Adam Blazewicz-Bell at The National Academy School, Jon Marshall at Djanogly City Academy School, Amy Stelfox at The Nottingham Academy, Colin Sisson at Nottingham Bluecoat School, and Christine Turner at English Martyrs School) who took part in this research project.

We would also like to thank the Training and Development Agency (now Training Agency) for providing part of the funding to support this Research Project.

Teachers who want to develop their digital literacy skills beyond the content of this training may want to apply for the MSc Computing in Education which is offered by Nottingham Trent University as part-time (twilight) study for existing teachers.  Further information from or or the Nottingham Trent University web site

How to use this resource

CPDThis resource is free to use however you choose.  It is intended as a framework for a continuing professional development (CPD) session for teachers.  We have included a presentation using PowerPoint which provides an outline for the session.  You may prefer to break this down into smaller sessions selecting slides as appropriate.  The slides make reference to different case studies to help to support teachers wanting to use Web 2.0 technologies.  All materials referred to are included in this resource.

We suggest the materials would take a minimum of 1 hour CPD but would be more effective as a 2 hour session with opportunity for teachers to explore some of the Web 2.0 technologies.  Research indicates that the use of new technologies is most successful where teachers support each other, we therefore recommend that you utilise collaborative software such as a blog or etherpad as part of the training and follow-on support.

Resources included:


Additional resources: